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Rains Journal Vol. 13: The songstress from your old town

May 14, 2019

Photos: Rasmus Bundgaard
Hair and makeup: Mette Schou
Styles: Exclusive Rains collection for Net-a-Porter

Sultry, mysterious and a voice to relationships’ past, present and future, Kwamie Liv bridges the human experience with her candlelit tracks exploring the spectrum of love and love lost. But as romantically torrid as her music plays, her presence leans warm and welcoming, providing evidence of a layered individual with a diverse offering. We met up with Kwamie at Copenhagen’s Vibe Factory a few days before a televised performance and a trip to Tokyo.


Rains: Kwamie Liv, for those of us who don’t know— who are you in 280 characters or less?

Kwamie: I’m a Danish Zambian artist, based in Copenhagen.

R: The Rains team met you for the first time at this shoot. We all left in agreement that you are equal parts warm and mysterious. Are these two sides of yourself that you’ve heard about before?

K: I’m happy you feel me to be warm, that’s definitely a reflection of the warmth of your team, too. Regarding the mystery, I have heard about that before, but really I don’t spend much time contemplating over it, I’m being myself, and I guess I feel about it as I do with my songs: ultimately interpretation belongs to the beholder.

R: Has music always been something you wanted to explore?

Read the whole interview with Kwamie Liv – shop Rains Journal Vol. 13 here.


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