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Rains Journal Vol. 13: The Prince of Toronto

June 07, 2019

Photos: Sicology
Styling: Joshua Mills

Coming off the last leg of his North American tour, Jazz Cartier finds himself in-between his latest album, ‘Fleurever,’ and the new tracks being built in his time off the road. The Canadian rapper is known for putting on energetic, yet intimate live performances, but as the artist catches his breath off a tour bus he’s allowed the time to reflect and tune into his next step.


Rains Journal: How did you get started in music?

Jazz Cartier: I’ve always been into music. Before I could talk I was singing. And by the time I was 12, I was writing, which led to my first recordings at 15.

RJ: Who were your music influences? What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

JC: Lupes Food & Liqour and The Cool are the first ones that come to mind right now.

RJ: How did the name Jazz Cartier come about?

JC: Jazz has always been a nickname. Cartier comes from me being a big Lil Wayne and Jay-Z fan.

RJ: At what age did you settle in Toronto? Has Toronto itself had an influence on who you are as an artist?

JC: I moved back when I was 18, and most definitely has for the most part.



RJ: What’s your motivation as a rapper? What are you trying to say with your music?

JC: I’m telling my story, but also allowing life to catch me off guard. That creates a lot of candid moments and genuine records.

RJ: What’s the message of “Fleurever”? What should we be reading in-between the lines in your debut-album?

JC: My personal message was more of an understanding of growth—and that it comes in all sizes. Sometimes growth is a transition into something greater and you just need to maintain the patience to see things out.

RJ: For “Fleurever” you spoke a bit about duality – and balancing different ends of different spectrums. Is that a testament to your own life?

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