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Rains Journal Vol. 13: Frederik & Oliver

March 28, 2019

Photos: Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

Young, newly graduated, and the talk of the Copenhagen art scene, collaborative artists and friends Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist have seemingly glided their way from students to recognized artists. With a portfolio boasting objects found in the world-renowned Noma and their first solo exhibition, titled “Soft Boxing,” at Copenhagen’s Eighteen Gallery, these two exemplify strength in gut-reactions and answering tough questions with beauty first, beauty always.


Rains Journal: So, how did you guys meet?

Frederik: We were both at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts at the same time, but we studied two different things. I remember there was a dinner and I put this number on that we both really liked. That sparked a conversation. And then all of a sudden, we started to cook together.

Rains Journal: Music and food brings people together so that’s quite beautiful, but did you have any first impressions of each other?

Oliver: I think the first time I remember Frederik is during the first days of school. It was a party where he had some makeup on, and I was like “woah, who is this guy?”

RJ: And then Frederik, you with Oliver?

F: It was the same party, and I remember I was sitting in the window. It was one of these university parties with games and whatnot and there was an award show for the previous weekend we were all with each other. Oliver won prize after prize, so he came to sit with me in the window to sort of hide. I think he was kind of embarrassed.

RJ: Ok, so a modest winner. And from that moment, you saw this guy obviously has some talent, so let’s make some art together.

F: Nah, it was more about drinking and meeting up with people—and just having a good time.

RJ: Yes, party first. But you both obviously also respect each other. Because beyond a friendship there’s this professional relationship. How do the two of you match up in your work?

Read the whole interview with Frederik & Oliver – shop Rains Journal Vol. 13 here.


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