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Rains Journal Vol. 12: Soviet Modernism

October 25, 2018

Words: Joshua Bredehoeft
Photos: Akim Karpach
Model: Paul Hots


It is no secret that the influence of post-Soviet aesthetics has come to the attention of taste-makers across the world. From fashion to architecture to film, the once presumably grey backdrop has found admirers excited to look past romanticized beauty and into the specific splendor that came from USSR architecture and design.


Soviet modernism can be found throughout Eastern Europe, with many-a-blogs guiding one through the highlights. On a quest to continue the search for hidden remnants of the era, Rains’ contributor Akim Karpach found inspiration at the mid-century expansion of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. This section of the University holds the Institute of Biology and Medicine and acts as the backdrop to Paul Hots wearing Rains Coach Jacket in Green.


Photographed for the very first time, the space features the wide diversity found within Soviet Modernism. Large, seemingly ornate chandeliers from afar, are instead made of graphical, modern glass boxes housing spherical lightbulbs. The rest of the space showcases cubist-like plant boxes and geometric concrete murals adorning the walls. A mix between grey and warm wood tones create a space that feels just as cold as it does warm. To see the space in person, visit the University at Akademika Glushkova Avenue, 2.


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